July 14, 2024
10 Massive D Chords What's My Fault That Give You Goosebumps!

1. Introduction to D Massiv

D Masiv is a pop-rock music group from Indonesia which is widely known by the people of Indonesia. This music group was formed in 2003 and has released many hit songs which are popular among Indonesian music fans. One of D Masiv's famous songs is “What's My Fault”.

2. Lyrics of “What's My Fault”

“What did I do wrong” is a song created by the music group D Masiv. This song tells about the feelings of someone who feels neglected and abandoned by the person they love. The lyrics of this song touch the heart and are able to make listeners feel the emotions conveyed.

The following is an excerpt of the lyrics from the song “What's My Fault”:

Apa salahku
Kau buat begini
Kau lukai hatiku
Tanpa kau anggap aku

3. Guitar Chords “What's My Fault”

For beginners who want to learn to play guitar and play the song “What's My Wrong” by D Masiv, here are the basic chords that can be used:

Intro: C G Am G F G C


C          G
Apa salahku
Am G
Kau buat begini
Kau lukai hatiku
Tanpa kau anggap aku


F        Em       Am        G
Mencintaimu sungguh begitu indah
F Em Am G
Mentertawakan saat kita bersama
F Em Am G
Mencintaimu sungguh begitu indah
Aku terluka

By practicing regularly, you will be able to play the guitar chords from the song “What's My Fault” fluently.

4. Musical Analysis of the Song “What's My Fault”

The song “What's My Fault” by D Masiv has a simple musical arrangement but has a strong appeal. With the use of basic chords that are easy to understand, this song is suitable for anyone to sing, both beginners and those already advanced in music.

Overall, this song has a moderate tempo and an easy listening rhythm, so it can be enjoyed by various groups. Lyrics full of emotion are also one of the factors that makes this song so popular among listeners.

With its musical appeal and emotional lyrics, it is not surprising that the song “What's My Wrong” by D Masiv continues to be one of the favorite songs among Indonesian music fans.

5. Conclusion

D Masiv with the song “What's My Wrong” is one of the icons of Indonesian pop-rock music who has succeeded in attracting listeners' attention with emotional lyrics and easy listening music. With guitar chords that are easy to learn, this song is suitable for anyone who wants to express their feelings through music to sing.

If you are a fan of Indonesian music, don't miss trying to play the guitar chords from the song “Apa Salahku”. Good luck!