June 22, 2024

Drawing is a fun hobby and can be done by anyone. One of the subjects that is often drawn is people wearing hijabs. For some people, drawing a person wearing a hijab may seem difficult because the hijab has complex shapes and folds. However, with the right technique, you can also draw people wearing hijabs easily. Here is a complete guide on how to draw a person wearing a hijab.

1. Drawing Preparation

Before starting to draw, make sure you have the necessary equipment such as pencils, drawing paper, erasers, and colored pencils if needed. Apart from that, make sure you also have a reference image of a person wearing a hijab so you can draw more accurately.

2. Draw a Face

First of all, start by drawing the face of a person wearing a hijab. Draw basic facial shapes such as an oval shape for the head and add details such as eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Make sure the facial proportions are appropriate so that the hijab can be depicted well.

3. Drawing Hijab

Hijab is the main part in drawing people wearing the hijab. To draw a hijab, you need to pay attention to the shape, texture and folds of the hijab. Start by drawing thin lines to form the veil and add detailed hijab folds according to the reference image you have.

4. Drawing Clothes

Apart from the hijab, clothes also need to be drawn well so that the whole image looks harmonious. Choose a clothing design that suits the character of the person you are drawing, whether formal, casual or traditional. Use details such as folds of fabric and accessories to add depth to the image.

5. Drawing Hands and Body

Don't forget to draw the hands and body of the person wearing the hijab so that the picture looks more complete. Position your hands and body according to the desired pose and make sure the body proportions match the size of the head to make it look realistic.

6. Coloring

Once you've finished drawing the whole picture, it's time to color the picture. Use colored pencils or watercolors to add color to the image. Choose the appropriate color according to the reference image you have and pay attention to the lighting so that the image looks more alive.

7. Final Details

Finally, add final details such as shadows, highlights, and texture to perfect the image of the person wearing the hijab that you created. This will make the image look more realistic and attractive.

8. Practice and Practice

As with everything, the key to drawing people wearing the hijab well is to keep practicing and practicing. The more often you draw, the better your drawing skills will be. Feel free to experiment with different techniques and styles to develop your drawing skills.

9. Conclusion

Drawing people wearing hijabs does require precision and patience. However, by following the guide above and continuing to practice, you will also be able to draw people wearing hijabs well and accurately. Remember to always love the process of drawing and don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques.

Thus, this is a complete guide on how to draw a person wearing a hijab. Hopefully this article is useful and provides inspiration for those of you who want to draw people wearing hijabs. Good luck!