June 22, 2024


Prayer is a very important form of worship in the Islamic religion. One of the prayers that is usually said every day is the Eating Prayer. However, we often forget to read prayers before or after eating. This phenomenon is known as “Forgetting to Read Eating Prayer”. In this article, we will discuss why reciting meal prayers is important, as well as how to overcome them.

Why is reading the meal prayer important?

1. Expressing Gratitude

Reciting a prayer before eating is our acknowledgment of the blessings of food that God has given us. By saying a prayer, we show our gratitude for His gifts.

2. Cleanse food from bad influences

In Islam, we are taught to clean food from bad influences that can harm the body and soul. By reading a prayer before eating, we ask for protection from Allah to cleanse the food of everything that is not good.

3. Get Blessings from Food

Prayer before eating is also believed to provide blessings to the food we consume. By reading prayers, we ask that the food provide good benefits for our body and soul.

How to Overcome Prayers Forgetting to Read Eating Prayers?

1. Get used to it

One of the best ways to overcome forgetting to recite the meal prayer is to get into the habit of always reading the prayer before and after eating. Start by reminding yourself every time you want to eat, and over time this will become a good habit.

2. Ask for help from others

If you find it difficult to remind yourself, ask for help from others. Ask friends or family to remind you every time you want to eat so you don't forget to say a prayer.

3. Include it in your Daily Routine

Include reading prayers before and after meals in your daily routine. For example, before starting to eat, take a moment to read a prayer. In this way, reading prayers will become an inseparable part of your eating activities.


Prayer before and after eating has many benefits, both for the body and soul. Therefore, it is important for us to always remind ourselves not to forget to recite prayers before and after eating. By getting used to it, asking other people for help, and including prayer in our daily routine, we can overcome forgetting to recite meal prayers more easily. Hopefully this article is useful and can be an inspiration for all of us to remember Allah in every aspect of our lives. Thank You.