June 22, 2024

Chrisye is an Indonesian music legend who created many hit songs. One of the legendary songs composed by Chrisye is “Pergilah Kasih”. This song has a very beautiful melody and deep lyrics. For that reason, here are the guitar chords from the song “Pergilah Kasih” that you can play.

Guitar Chord

The following are the guitar chords from the song “Pergilah Kasih” sung by Chrisye:

  1. Am FG Em
  2. Go, love, pursue your desires
  3. Am FG Em
  4. It was clear waiting for the void here
  5. F C G Am
  6. It's really hard for me to let you go
  7. F G C
  8. Even though I know I can't have you

Please play the chords above according to the melody of the song “Pergilah Kasih” so that you can produce a beautiful sound that matches the original song.

Guitar Chord Analysis

The guitar chords for the song “Pergilah Kasih” use several basic chords such as Am, F, G, Em, and C. The playing of the chords is simple but produces a beautiful and touching tone. The chord playing pattern combined with Chrisye's vocal melody makes this song a song that is timeless and always pleasant to listen to.

In the song “Pergilah Kasih”, Chrisye shows his ability to create songs that are meaningful and can touch the feelings of his listeners. The simple but meaningful lyrics make this song one of the legendary songs that remains popular to this day.


The guitar chords from the song “Pergilah Kasih” are one of the guitar chords that are often played by guitar players in Indonesia. The beautiful melody and deep lyrics make this song always remembered by Indonesian music lovers. By playing the guitar chords of this song, you can feel for yourself the beauty of the melody created by Chrisye.

So, don't hesitate to try playing the guitar chords from the song “Pergilah Kasih” and experience for yourself the beauty of the music from one of Indonesian music legends, Chrisye.