July 14, 2024
Hard to believe!  Here's an effective way to stop your cellphone from being attacked by hackers!

The existence of smartphones in the current digital era is becoming increasingly important for everyday life. However, with all the benefits offered, smartphones are also vulnerable to hacker attacks. If you think your smartphone is being hacked, there are several steps you can take to stop the attack. The following are several ways to stop your cellphone from being hacked that you need to know.

1. Update Software

Update software on your smartphone regularly. Non-renewable software can be an entry point for hackers to hack your smartphone. By updating the software, you will get the latest security patches that can protect your smartphone from hacker attacks. Also make sure to download apps only from official app stores such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Use Access Code or Fingerprint

Enable screen lock such as a passcode or fingerprint to secure your smartphone from unauthorized access. By activating the screen lock, you can prevent hackers from directly accessing your personal data. Additionally, make sure not to give sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers to anyone via unencrypted messages or emails.

3. Install a Security App

Install a security app which can provide extra protection for your smartphone. There are many security apps available in app stores that can help you detect and stop hacker attacks. Make sure to read user reviews and choose a security application that is trusted and proven to be effective.

4. Turn off the Internet Connection

Turn off the internet connection on your smartphone if you suspect that the smartphone is being hacked. By turning off your internet connection, you can cut off hackers' access to your smartphone and reduce the risk of further loss. Additionally, make sure not to access suspicious websites or download suspicious files to avoid malware attacks.

5. Delete Suspicious Applications

Check and delete applications suspicious or that you don't recognize from your smartphone. Some applications may contain malware or have unauthorized access to your personal data. By removing suspicious applications, you can reduce the risk of hacker attacks and protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

6. Change Account Password

Change password important accounts such as email, social media, and banking after you suspect your smartphone has been hacked. Hackers can use information obtained from your smartphone to access your other online accounts. By changing your password regularly, you can increase the security of your online accounts and prevent unauthorized access.

7. Report to the Operator or Service Provider

Report to operator or service provider if you have evidence or suspect that your smartphone has been hacked. Operators or service providers can help you check and secure your smartphone from hacker attacks. They can also provide advice and further steps you need to take to resolve this issue.

8. Regular Data Backups

Backup data regularly to the cloud or external devices to secure your personal data from hacker attacks. By backing up your data regularly, you can reduce the risk of losing important data if your smartphone is hacked. Make sure to choose a data backup service provider that is trusted and safe to use.

9. Avoid Accessing Public WiFi

Avoid accessing public WiFi or other insecure networks with your smartphone. Public WiFi can be a nest for hackers to steal your personal data without your knowledge. As much as possible, use a secure internet connection such as a private cellular network or VPN when you access the internet with your smartphone in public places.

10. Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting

Avoid jailbreaking on iPhone or rooting on Android. Jailbreaking or rooting can open the door for hackers to control your smartphone remotely. In addition, this action can also make the smartphone vulnerable to malware attacks and unauthorized access. As much as possible, use your smartphone in accordance with the rules and policies set by the manufacturer.

By following the steps above, you can stop hacker attacks on your smartphone and protect your personal data from unauthorized access. Always be alert and pay attention to suspicious signs on your smartphone to prevent future hacker attacks.

Hopefully this article is useful and can help you secure your smartphone from hacker attacks. Stay alert and protect your personal data well!