June 22, 2024

In the academic world, a bibliography is an important part of a scientific work. The bibliography functions as a reference that shows the sources of information used by the author in writing his scientific work. One source of information that is often used is journals. With a bibliography from a journal, readers can easily browse the information used by the author and verify the correctness of the information conveyed.

1. Select Relevant Journal Sources

The first step in creating a bibliography from a journal is to select relevant and trusted journal sources. Make sure the journal you choose is a scientific journal that has gone through a peer review process and is published by a reputable publisher. Choose journals that are relevant to the topic or field of study that you are discussing in your scientific work.

2. Note the Required Information

Next, note down the necessary information from the journal you use as a reference. Some information that needs to be noted includes:

  • Writer's name: Note down the full name of the author of the journal you are using as a reference.
  • Article Title: Note down the full title of the article you are using.
  • Journal Name: Note down the name of the journal where the article was published.
  • Volume and Number: Note down the volume and journal number where the article was published.
  • Publication Year: Note the year the article was published.
  • Page: Note the page of the article used.
  • DOI: Note down the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if any.

3. Use APA Format or Recommended Format

Once you have the necessary information, the next step is to write a bibliography using the appropriate format. One format that is often used is the American Psychological Association (APA) Format. The following is an example of a bibliography format from a journal in APA format:

Example of APA Format:

Writer's name. (Year). Article Title. Journal Name, Volume(Number), Pages. DOI


Smith, J. (2024). The Impact of Technology on Education. Journal of Educational Technology, 15(2), 45-60. DOI: 10.1234/joet.1234

4. Sort the bibliography alphabetically

Once you have written your bibliography, make sure to order it alphabetically by author name. This will make it easier for readers to find the references they are looking for.

5. Double Check for Errors

Before including a bibliography in your scientific work, make sure to double-check for possible errors. Check whether all information has been recorded correctly and whether the writing format complies with applicable regulations.

By following the steps above, you can create a bibliography from a journal easily and correctly. Make sure to always use trusted sources of information and double-check the bibliography before including it in your scientific work. In this way, your scientific work will look more professional and accountable.