July 14, 2024
Here are the final chords for To The Bone that will give you goosebumps!

Ultimate is a musician and singer from Indonesia who is known for his viral song, namely To The Bone. This song has become a hit among Indonesian music lovers and many are looking for guitar chords for this song. Here are the final chords for To The Bone:

To The Bone Ultimate Guitar Chords

Here are the guitar chords for the song To The Bone from Pamungkas:

  1. Em (022000)
  2. C (x32010)
  3. G (320003)
  4. D (xx0232)

The chords above can be used to play the song To The Bone well. Next, here are the lyrics from the song To The Bone:

Final Lyrics To The Bone

Here we stand

Look down

With thoughts

And eyes closed

Open your heart

Cleanse your soul

Look into the heart you keep

Be grateful for this

Happy for you and me

Under the same sky

A different taste

You and I will never be apart

Until the end

Until another world

You and I are one soul

With deep and meaningful lyrics, the song To The Bone succeeded in hypnotizing its listeners. The combination of an easy listening melody and touching lyrics makes this song suitable for listening in all situations.

Lyric Analysis

The lyrics of the song To The Bone carry a message about the courage to face oneself and accept situations as they are. By carrying the theme of self-acceptance, Pamungkas succeeded in conveying a positive message to its listeners. Each verse of the lyrics describes a person's journey in searching for self-identity and embracing one's strengths and weaknesses.

Pamungkas also succeeded in exploring various feelings in his song lyrics, from sadness, happiness, to gratitude. This makes the song To The Bone very relatable for many people who are going through their life journey.

Ultimate Musical Uniqueness

Pamungkas is known for his unique and easily recognizable musical style. With soft vocals and deep lyrics, Pamungkas is able to present songs that can make listeners lost in the music. It is not surprising that Pamungkas is one of the young musicians who is loved by many people in Indonesia.

Apart from that, Pamungkas also has the ability to create catchy and easy to remember songs. The melodies are simple but pleasant to listen to, making Pamungkas songs suitable to be used as original soundtracks for various occasions.


The Ultimate Chords To The Bone have become a target for many people who want to imitate the music of the song. With simple but pleasant chords, the song To The Bone can be learned easily even by beginners.

Apart from that, the lyrics of this song also hold deep meaning and provide inspiration for many listeners. With a message about self-acceptance and the courage to embrace oneself, Pamungkas succeeded in conveying a positive message through his music.

That's the article about the Ultimate Chord To The Bone. Hopefully the information above is useful for readers who are looking for information about this song. Listen to the song and enjoy the positive message conveyed by Pamungkas through his music.