July 14, 2024
Here are the Latest Challenges for Class 12 English Assignments!

Currently, English is one of the most important subjects in the education curriculum in Indonesia. For grade 12 students, English assignments are certainly something that needs to be done well to achieve satisfactory results. In this article, a complete guide to class 12 English assignments will be presented, starting from the types of assignments, examples, how to do them, to tips for success in completing English assignments.

Types of Class 12 English Assignments

As a grade 12 student, you will encounter various types of English assignments that need to be done. The following are some commonly encountered types of tasks:

  • Essay Writing: This assignment usually requires students to write essays on certain topics in English. Students need to organize ideas, arguments and thoughts clearly and structured.
  • Oral Presentation: This assignment requires students to make an oral presentation on a predetermined topic. Students need to speak fluently and master the presentation material well.
  • Translate Text: This task usually involves translating text from English to Indonesian or vice versa. Students need to understand the meaning of the text and express it appropriately in the translation.
  • Creating Dialogue: This assignment requires students to create a dialogue between two or more characters in English. Students need to pay attention to the grammar and expressions used.

How to Complete Class 12 English Assignments

To complete your class 12 English assignments well, you can follow these steps:

  1. Understanding Instructions: Before starting a task, make sure you understand the instructions well. Pay attention to the format, length of text, and assessment criteria provided.
  2. Looking for References: Do research and look for references related to the topic of your assignment. Use relevant and trustworthy sources to support your arguments and ideas.
  3. Determining Structure: Structure your assignment well, for example by creating an outline for an essay or a scenario for a presentation. This will help you organize your ideas in an organized manner.
  4. Doing Drafting: Start writing or arranging your assignment material based on a predetermined structure. Don't worry about mistakes or fluency in your writing, what is important is that the main ideas have been conveyed.
  5. Revise and Evaluate: Once you have finished drafting, take time to revise and evaluate your assignment. Correct grammatical errors, essay fluency, and argument clarity.
  6. Practice Presentation (If Available): If your assignment is an oral presentation, practice your presentation several times to increase your confidence and speaking fluency.

Examples of Class 12 English Tasks

Here are some examples of class 12 English assignments and how to complete them:

Example Assignment: Essay Writing

He: “The Impact of Social Media on Society”

  1. Looking for References: Look for articles or studies related to the impact of social media on society.
  2. Determining Structure: Create an outline with an introduction, content, and conclusion.
  3. Doing Drafting: Start writing the essay clearly and structured.
  4. Revise and Evaluate: Correct grammar, add supporting data, and evaluate the arguments presented.

Example Assignment: Oral Presentation

He: “Climate Change and Its Impact”

  1. Looking for References: Look for data related to climate change and its impacts.
  2. Determining Structure: Create a presentation scenario with an introduction, body and conclusion.
  3. Practice Presentations: Practice presentations several times to improve speaking fluency.

Tips for Success in Completing English Assignments

To successfully complete class 12 English assignments, you can follow the following tips:

  • Manage your time well: Determine task deadlines and detailed work schedules to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Collaborate with Friends: Discuss ideas and assignments with classmates to get different points of view.
  • Ask for Feedback: Ask for opinions and input from teachers or classmates to help improve your assignments.
  • Use Dictionaries and Reference Sources: If you have difficulty with vocabulary or sentence structure, use a dictionary or other reference source.
  • Get More Practice: Practice is the key to success. Practice regularly to improve your English skills.


Completing class 12 English assignments requires patience, accuracy and good communication skills. By following the complete guide above and applying the suggested success tips, it is hoped that you will be able to complete your English assignment well and achieve satisfactory results. Good luck with your assignment!