June 22, 2024

1. Using a Power Kill Switch or Button

One of the most common ways to turn off lights or other electrical devices is to use a power kill switch or button. The switch is located on the wall or on the electrical appliance itself. The method is quite easy, namely by turning or pressing the switch to the off position.

2. Unplug the power cable from the socket

If you don't want or can't use the switch, another way is to unplug the power cable from the socket. Make sure to unplug the cable carefully to avoid an electrical short circuit.

3. Using Remote Control (for lights or electrical devices equipped with this feature)

Some lights or electrical devices are currently equipped with remote controls to regulate the power or on/off state. By using a remote control, you can easily turn off lights or electrical appliances without having to get close to a switch or socket.

4. Completely disconnect from electricity

If you are going to leave a room for a long time or while on holiday, it is best to turn off the lights or other electrical devices completely by disconnecting the electricity from the source. This can save energy and prevent the risk of fire due to electrical short circuits.

5. Using a timer or timer

If you often forget to turn off lights or electrical appliances, you can use a timer or timer. By setting a certain time, the lights or electrical equipment will turn off automatically according to what you specify.

6. Using Smart Applications or Smart Home

Smart home or smart home technology is now increasingly popular. You can use it to turn off lights or other electrical devices remotely via smartphone or other device. Quite practical and efficient.

7. Ensure that the electrical equipment is turned off before turning off the power source

Before deciding to turn off the power source, first make sure that the lights or other electrical devices are turned off. This is important to prevent electrical current surges that can damage electronic components.

8. Choose environmentally friendly electrical equipment

To further contribute to environmental preservation, choose environmentally friendly electrical appliances. Some electrical appliances are now equipped with energy saving or low wattage features which can help reduce overall electricity consumption.

9. Carry out routine maintenance on electrical equipment

To ensure optimal performance and safety of electrical equipment, carry out routine maintenance such as cleaning, checking cables and regular maintenance. This can also extend the life of your electrical equipment.

10. Using electrical equipment with SNI (Indonesian National Standard)

Finally, make sure to use electrical equipment that has Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certification. This ensures the safety and quality of the electrical equipment you use.