July 14, 2024
Here's an Easy and Effective Way to Make Up for Dhuhur Prayers at Asr Time!

Prayer is an obligation that must be carried out by Muslims. However, sometimes we can be left behind in performing prayers, either because we forget or because of unexpected busyness. One of the prayers that is often missed is the Dhuhur prayer. How do you make up for the Dhuhur prayer at Asr time? Check out the full review below.

1. Understanding the Importance of Prayer

Before learning how to perform Dhuhur prayer at Ashar time, it is important for us to understand how important prayer is in Islam. Prayer is a pillar of religion and is an obligation that must be fulfilled by every Muslim. In Surat Al-Mu'minun verses 1-2, Allah says,

“Indeed, fortunate are the believers,
“(Namely) those who are humble in their prayers,” (Al-Mu'minun: 1-2)

From the verse above, we can understand that prayer is an important form of worship and must be prioritized in the life of a Muslim.

2. Performing the Dhuhur Prayer at Ashar Time

If we miss performing the Dhuhur prayer and it is already Asr time, we are obliged to perform the Dhuhur prayer first before performing the Asr prayer. Here is the way to perform Dhuhur prayer at Asr time:

  1. Preparing Intentions

    The first step that must be taken is to prepare the intention to make up for the missed Dhuhur prayer. This intention must be purely for the sake of Allah alone, without any ulterior motives or image in front of humans.

  2. Counting the Number of Rakaat Left Behind

    After preparing the intention, the next step is to count the number of rakaat of Dhuhur prayer that are left behind. This is important so that we do not make mistakes in performing the qadha prayer.

  3. Performing the Dhuhur Qadha Prayer

    If you know the number of rak'ahs left, perform the Dhuhur qadha prayer according to the correct procedure. Make sure to pay attention to the movements and readings in prayer so that our worship becomes valid before God.

  4. Perfecting With Asr Prayer

    After performing the Dhuhur qadha prayer, do not forget to perform the Ashar prayer according to the specified time. Thus, we have fulfilled the obligation of prayer properly and correctly.

3. Tips to Avoid Missing Prayers

In order to avoid missing prayers again, here are some tips that can keep us from missing out on performing prayers:

  • Recording Prayer Schedules

    It is best to always write down your prayer schedule in a place that is easy to see so that you don't forget prayer times.

  • Maintaining Consistency

    Try to always be consistent in performing prayers according to the specified times.

  • Taking Advantage of Alarms

    Use the alarm feature on your cellphone or watch to remind us of prayer times.

  • Try to be on time

    Always try to perform prayers on time, so as not to be late or left behind.

4. The Importance of Repentance and Istighfar

If we ever fall behind in performing the prayer, do not sink into regret. As weak servants, we always have the opportunity to repent and ask Allah SWT for forgiveness. Istighfar is the key to purify the heart and draw closer to Him. By repenting and apologizing, we can improve ourselves and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

5. Conclusion

Prayer is an obligation that must be performed by every Muslim. If we miss performing the Dhuhur prayer and it is already Ashar time, we are obliged to perform the Dhuhur prayer first. By understanding the procedures for performing the Dhuhur prayer at Ashar time, maintaining consistency in performing the prayer, as well as repenting and seeking forgiveness, we can improve ourselves and draw closer to Allah SWT.

Such is the commentary on how to perform the Dhuhur prayer at Asr time. Hopefully this article is useful and can be a guide for us in performing the prayer properly and correctly. Thank you.