June 22, 2024

Gmail is one of the most popular email services used by many people around the world. With its advanced features, Gmail users can easily manage and delete emails that enter their inbox. However, some people may still be confused about how to delete emails in Gmail. The following are the complete steps to delete emails in Gmail:

1. First Step

First step all you have to do is open your Gmail account and enter your email inbox. After entering the inbox, select the email you want to delete. The email can be an email from one sender or several emails at once that you want to delete.

2. Second Step

Second step is to check the box next to the email you want to delete. You can also use the multiple selection feature to delete several emails at once. The method is simply to press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the email you want to delete.

3. Step Three

Third step is to delete the email you have selected. To delete an email, you can use the delete key on your keyboard or click the trash icon in the top menu of Gmail. After that, the selected email will go into the trash folder.

4. Fourth Step

Step four is to ensure that deleted emails are actually no longer in the inbox. You can open the trash folder and select previously deleted emails. Then, select the permanent delete option to delete the email permanently.

5. Fifth Step

Fifth step is to clean the trash folder. After you have done the steps above, don't forget to clean the trash folder regularly. This aims to ensure that the performance of your Gmail account remains optimal and that not too many emails accumulate in the trash folder.

6. Additional Tips

In addition to using the steps above, you can also use the filter and label features in Gmail to organize and delete emails more efficiently. You can create custom rules to delete emails based on specific criteria, such as specific senders, titles, or keywords.


By following the steps above, you can easily delete emails in Gmail without worrying about emails piling up in your inbox. Make sure to always clean out unnecessary emails regularly so that your Gmail account stays organized and doesn't take up unnecessary storage space.