July 14, 2024
Here's the Difference Between 12 Noon and 12 Midnight!

What Do “AM” and “PM” Mean?

AM and PM is an abbreviation of the Latin terms “Ante Meridiem” and “Post Meridiem” used in the 12-hour system to indicate morning and afternoon/night. When using the 12-hour system, 12 midnight is considered 12 o'clock AMand 12 noon is considered 12 o'clock PM.

12 Noon: AM or PM?

Now we come to the main question: does 12 noon fall into the category of AM or PM? To answer this question, we must understand the basic concepts of AM and PM. Basically, AM refers to the time between midnight (00:00) and noon (11:59), while PM refers to the time between noon (12:00) and midnight (23:59).

Thus, 12 noon is technically after noon, which means 12 noon should fall into the category PM. So, the short answer is: 12 noon is 12 PMnot 12 AM.

Difference Between AM and PM

Apart from the definition of time mentioned above, there are several differences between AM and PM what needs to be understood, including:

  1. AM (Before Noon): Refers to the morning to noon. At 12 o'clock AMthe day has changed, and time will continue to run until 12 noon.
  2. PM (after noon): Refers to noon to night. At 12 o'clock PMthe day is half over and time will continue to run until 12 midnight.

Examples of Using AM and PM in Daily Life

For example, if someone says that an event will start at 10 o'clock AMit means that the event will start at 10 am. Conversely, if the event will start at 10 am PMthat means the event will start at 10pm.

Proper use of AM and PM It is very important to avoid confusion in planning time and daily activity schedules.


In the 12-hour time system, 12 noon falls into the category PMnot AM. It is important to understand the difference between AM and PM so that there are no mistakes in determining time in everyday life.

Hopefully the explanation above can provide a clearer understanding regarding the use of AM and PM in showing time, especially when faced with questions about whether 12 noon is included in the time AM or PM.