June 22, 2024

Doraemon is a cartoon character that is very popular among children and adults. This robot cat character has great appeal and is often a choice in the world of painting. If you want to learn how to draw Doraemon, here are the steps you can follow:

1. Preparation of tools and materials

Before starting the drawing process, make sure you have prepared the necessary tools and materials. Some things that need to be prepared include:
– Photo paper
– Pencil
– Eraser
– Black pen
– Colored pencils

2. Draw the basic outline of Doraemon

The first step in drawing Doraemon is to create a basic outline of the character. Start by drawing the shape of Doraemon's body, head, ears and feet. Draw these lines lightly with a pencil so they are easy to change if something goes wrong.

3. Added Doraemon's Face Details

Once the basic outline is complete, the next step is to add the details of Doraemon's face. Draw big round eyes, triangular nose and Doraemon's mouth according to his characteristics. Don't forget to also draw gears on his stomach.

4. Drawing Doraemon accessories

Doraemon is known for his accessories consisting of an iron chain on his stomach and an orange bell on his neck. Make sure you draw these accessories in detail and proportionately so that the results look more similar to the original.

5. Pewarnaan Doraemon

After all the details have been drawn, it's time to add color to the Doraemon image. Use colored pencils carefully to color each part of the character according to its original color. You can also add a touch of shading to give dimension to the image.

6. Completion and Final Touches

After you have finished coloring, check the entire Doraemon image again. Make sure no parts are missed and the color has been applied neatly. If necessary, add small details such as shadows or highlights to add a realistic feel to the image.

7. Tips and Tricks for Drawing Doraemon

Use image reference: If you have difficulty drawing Doraemon from memory, there's no harm in using an image reference as a guide.
Exercise regularly: Drawing skills can be honed with regular practice. Take time every day to draw Doraemon to improve your skills.
Ask a member: If you still have difficulty in drawing Doraemon, do not hesitate to ask people who are more experienced in the art of drawing.

By following the steps above and practicing how to draw Doraemon regularly, you will become more skilled at drawing this cartoon character. Good luck!