June 22, 2024

Football is a sport that requires good skills and techniques, both in terms of controlling the ball, passing, dribbling and kicking. However, not everything in the game of soccer is related to body technique. Here are some things that are not included in body technique in the game of soccer:

1. Concentration and Compromise

Concentration is one of the important factors in the game of football. A player needs to focus and remain alert during the game. This includes the ability to read the game, make the right decisions, and communicate with teammates. Good concentration can help players maximize their technical skills.

Compromise is also an important thing in the game of football. A player must be able to work together with his teammates, follow the tactics set by the coach, and prioritize the interests of the team over personal interests. The ability to communicate, work together, and sacrifice oneself for the team are skills that are not related to body technique.

2. Tactics and Strategy

Tactics and strategy is an important part of the game of football. A team needs to have a good game plan, including formation, playing style, and attack and defense patterns. A player who has a good understanding of tactics and strategy can help his team achieve victory, even though he may not have very good technical skills.

In the game of soccer, players need to be able to read the game, make quick decisions, and adapt to game conditions. This involves understanding the opponent's tactics, one's own team's strengths and weaknesses, and appropriate strategies for dealing with certain situations. Tactics and strategy are very important skills in the game of soccer and are not related to body technique.

3. Fitness and Endurance

Fitness and resilience is a key factor in the game of football. A player needs to have good stamina, physical strength and high endurance to be able to survive during the match. With excellent physical condition, a player can focus more on the game and carry out his duties well.

Regular fitness training and a healthy diet can help players maintain their physical condition. Good physical condition can also reduce the risk of injury and prolong a player's career. Therefore, fitness and endurance are important aspects of the game of football that do not only depend on technical skills.

4. Mental and Emotional

Mental strength and emotional intelligence also plays an important role in the game of football. A player needs to have peace of mind, high motivation and good emotional control to be able to perform optimally on the field. Mental strength can help players deal with pressure, maintain focus, and stay calm in difficult situations.

Stable emotions can also help players interact with teammates and manage conflicts well. A player who has high emotional intelligence can have a positive impact on his team, even though he may not have extraordinary technical skills. Therefore, mental and emotional aspects are things that should not be ignored in the game of football.

5. Tactical Knowledge and Game Rules

Tactical knowledge about games and game rules is also an important thing in the game of football. A player needs to understand the rules of the game, the tactics used by the opposing team, as well as the right strategy to deal with certain situations. With sufficient knowledge, a player can maximize his contribution to his team.

Understanding the rules of the game is important to avoid unnecessary violations and maintain the integrity of the game. Meanwhile, tactical knowledge can help players make better decisions on the field, such as when to attack, when to defend, and how to cooperate with teammates. This skill is not related to body technique, but is very influential in the outcome of the match.


In the game of soccer, body technique is very important to be able to compete well. However, there are also other aspects outside body technique that are no less important, such as concentration, tactics, fitness, mental and tactical knowledge. All of these things are interrelated and support each other to form a complete soccer player.

By paying attention to and developing these aspects, a player can become better and make a maximum contribution to his team. Therefore, don't just focus on body technique, but also improve other abilities which are also very important in the world of football.