July 14, 2024
Interesting Story: Pasai Ocean Kingdom Founded By Whom?

Pasai Ocean Kingdom is one of the oldest Islamic kingdoms in Indonesia which was founded by a very influential figure in Indonesian history. This kingdom had an important role in the spread of Islam in the archipelago. Who was the real founder of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom?

1. Name of the Founder of Samudera Pasai Kingdom

Muhammad Malik Ibrahim is a figure who is believed to be the founder of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom. He came from Persia and migrated to the archipelago in the 13th century. With his ability to trade and speak, Malik Ibrahim succeeded in building good relations with the local community. He then spread Islam around Pasai Samudera Harbor, and finally established an Islamic kingdom in the area.

2. Muhammad Malik Ibrahim's role in the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai

As the founder of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom, Muhammad Malik Ibrahim played a very important role in developing the kingdom. He succeeded in uniting the people around Samudera Pasai and introduced a government system based on Islam. Malik Ibrahim was also active in protecting the ulama and building mosques as centers of religious activity.

3. Life in the Pasai Ocean Kingdom

The Samudera Pasai Kingdom was one of the most advanced Islamic kingdoms of its time. Under the leadership of Muhammad Malik Ibrahim, this government succeeded in building adequate infrastructure, such as a large port, well-maintained roads, and a good irrigation system. In addition, Samudera Pasai is also known as the spice trade center in the archipelago.

4. The influence of the Samudera Pasai Government

The Samudera Pasai Kingdom had extensive influence, not only in the archipelago but also in the Southeast Asian region. With its strategic geographical position as an international trade port, Samudera Pasai maintains trade relations with various countries in Asia and the Middle East. This made this kingdom one of the centers of Islamic development in the region.

5. The end of the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai

Despite its glorious success, the Pasai Ocean Kingdom finally suffered a setback in the 16th century. At that time, the Samudera Pasai kingdom was attacked by other kingdoms in the archipelago and the Portuguese who wanted to dominate the spice trade. In the end, this kingdom fell into the hands of the Portuguese and ended up as one of the oldest Islamic kingdoms in Indonesia.

6. Sources of Knowledge about the Pasai Ocean Kingdom

To find out more about the Samudera Pasai Kingdom, there are several sources that can be used as references, including:

  • Pasai Ocean Chronicle: A classic manuscript that tells the history of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom
  • Book of Tarsilah: A book that contains the genealogy of kings and sultans in the archipelago, including the Pasai Ocean Kingdom
  • Historical Research: Many historians and researchers have conducted in-depth research on the Samudera Pasai Kingdom and left important records about the kingdom

7. Conclusion

Overall, the Samudera Pasai Kingdom was founded by Muhammad Malik Ibrahim, a Persian figure who had an important role in the spread of Islam in the archipelago. This kingdom has a very big role in Indonesian history, especially in the spread of Islam and the spice trade. Even though it has ended, the Samudera Pasai Kingdom still left valuable traces in Indonesian history.