June 22, 2024

Knowing destiny is one of the things that has always been a mystery to humans. Discretion is a decision and line of life that has been determined by God Almighty. However, how will humans actually know their destiny after living in this world?

In Islam, discretion is a concept that is believed to be God's will which has been determined since the beginning of the universe. According to Islamic teachings, destiny is a provision that has been written in Lauhul Mahfuz or the book of life which is with Allah SWT. This destiny includes everything from birth, life, to human death.

2. Human Life in the World

Humans live in this world with various kinds of trials and tests. Human life is an event that will determine a person's fate after death. Every action, thought and intention, good or bad, carried out by humans will determine life in the afterlife.

All humans will inevitably face death. Death is something that is certain and has been determined by God. When a person has reached the time of death, only then will he know his destiny after humans. This is the time when all your deeds during your life will be counted and weighed.

4. Reward and Sin

During life in the world, humans are required to do good deeds and avoid bad deeds. Reward and his sin will be a decisive factor in determining a person's destiny after death. Good deeds will bring great rewards, while bad deeds will lead to sins that must be paid for in the afterlife.

5. Decree of Allah SWT

Allah SWT as the Supreme Creator has full power in determining the destiny of every human being. The decree of Allah SWT This cannot be contested by anyone. Therefore, humans can only plan and try as hard as possible, but the final result is still in the hands of Allah SWT.

6. Conclusion

In this way, a person will know his destiny after humans when he reaches the time of death. Life in this world is only a test to determine destiny in the afterlife. Therefore, humans need to always do good, avoid bad deeds, and always humble themselves before Allah SWT.