June 22, 2024

Basketball is a very popular sport, both at home and abroad. To become a good basketball player, it is important to master the basic techniques of playing basketball. Here are some basic techniques that every basketball player needs to master:

1. Dribbling

Dribbling is a basic technique in basketball where a player uses one hand to bounce the ball onto the floor repeatedly. Dribbling is done to move the ball in the desired direction and to avoid attacks from opposing players. Types of dribbling that are often used include:

  • Fast dribbling
  • Slow dribbling
  • Crossover dribble
  • Behind the back dribble

2. Passing

Passing is the technique of throwing the ball to a teammate in a basketball game. There are various passing techniques that are important to master, among others:

  • Chest pass
  • Overhead pass
  • Bounce pass
  • Baseball pass

3. Shooting

Shooting is the technique of throwing the ball into the ring to score. Basic shooting techniques that basketball players must master include:

  • Set shot
  • Jump shot
  • Lay-up
  • Dunk

4. Rebounding

Rebounding is a technique for picking up a ball that bounces off the backboard or ring after a missed shot. Players who are skilled at rebounding techniques usually have the ability to control air space and strategic positions.

5. Defense

Defense is a technique to prevent opposing players from scoring. Players who are good at defensive techniques must have speed, agility and strength to withstand attacks from opposing players.

6. Movement

Movement or movement is a technique for moving places on the field in order to get a strategic position. Basketball players must have the ability to move quickly and efficiently.

7. Screen Setting

Screen setting is a technique for blocking opposing players so that teammates can easily move or throw the ball. This technique is usually used in pick and roll or pick and pop situations.

8. Free Throw

Free throw is a technique of throwing the ball into the ring when a player has the opportunity to make a free throw after a foul has occurred from an opposing player. A free throw is an opportunity to score without any pressure from the opposing player.

By mastering the basic basketball techniques above, players can become more competent and effective in playing. Regular training and practice is very important in improving the basic technical skills of playing basketball. The more often you practice, the better the basic technical abilities a basketball player will have.