July 14, 2024
The Meaning of the Poetry Quote is the Answer to Your Life Questions

Poetry is one of the old forms of poetry that is quite popular in Indonesian society. Poetry is often used to convey moral, religious, or social messages. One thing that is often discussed is the meaning of the poem quote. In this article, we will discuss some famous poem quotes and their meanings.

1. Quote from the poem “Where the earth is trodden, there the sky is upheld”

The meaning of the quote from the poem is:

The above quote means that we must appreciate where we are. This means that we must always be grateful for what we have and not take our surroundings for granted. The sky that is held high shows respect and loyalty to the homeland.

2. Quote from the poem “Life is a struggle, death is the end”

The meaning of the quote from the poem is:

The quote above contains the meaning that life is a struggle that must be lived with patience and sincerity. Death is the end of life's journey, which shows that every struggle will definitely have results. This teaches us to continue fighting without giving up.

3. Excerpt from the poem “Like a hump longing for the moon”

The meaning of the quote from the poem is:

The quote above has a metaphorical meaning that states someone's impossible wish. Pungguk is a bird that cannot fly high, while the moon is a celestial body that is very far in the sky. So, this quote describes a wish that is difficult or even impossible to come true.

4. Poem Quote “As clever as a squirrel jumps, it eventually falls too”

The meaning of the quote from the poem is:

The quote above teaches us about the law of karma, which means that every action will definitely be rewarded. Even if someone is very clever or smart, if they do wrong things, they will eventually get the consequences. This quote teaches the importance of always doing good and thinking long in every action.

5. Quote from the poem “Like water on taro leaves”

The meaning of the quote from the poem is:

The quote above describes someone who cannot be influenced, like water flowing over a taro leaf that does not absorb the water. The meaning of this quote is to state that there are people who have a firm stance and are not easily influenced by others. They remain steadfast in their stance and principles.

List some meanings of poetry quotations:

  1. Quote from the poem “The straight path to the destination, winding up and down”: This quote contains the meaning that the journey to success will not always be easy. Sometimes there will be obstacles and barriers to face. However, the important thing is to stay consistent and not lose sight of the goal.
  2. Poem Quote “If gold is formed again, it can be kept for a long time”: This quote teaches us about the importance of learning from mistakes and experiences. Gold that is continuously shaped and refined will become more valuable. Likewise with humans, who must continue to learn and develop in order to become a better person.
  3. Quote from the poem “Rice has become porridge, water has become a lump”: This quote describes a situation that can no longer be changed. When the rice has become porridge and the water has become a lump, it means that we must accept the consequences of the actions that have been taken. This quote teaches the importance of thinking and acting wisely before it is too late.
  4. Quote from the poem “There is no ivory that is not cracked”: This quote states that every human being must have weaknesses and mistakes. No human being is perfect. Therefore, we must accept the shortcomings and mistakes of others, as we are also accepted with all the shortcomings and mistakes that we have.

Here are some famous poetry quotes and their meanings. Each poetry quote has a moral or philosophical message contained in it, which can provide inspiration and motivation for its readers. By understanding the meaning of these poetry quotes, it is hoped that we can be wiser in living our daily lives.