June 22, 2024

Surat Al Insyirah is one of the suras in the Qur'an which consists of 8 verses. This letter is also known as Surat Alam Nasyrah. In this letter, Allah SWT describes His glory and majesty and gives consolation to Prophet Muhammad SAW in facing the trials and difficulties of life. The following is the text of Surat Al Insyira along with its meaning:

  1. Text of Surat Al Insyira Latin


    1. Alam nasyrah laka sadrak

    2. We won't be able to do that

    3. God is a strong man

    4. Wa rafa'na laka zikrak

    5. Fa innama'al 'usri yusra

    6. Inna ma'al 'usri yusra

    7. Fa idza faraghta fanshab

    8. There is no god but God

  2. The meaning of Surah Al Insyirah

    In the name of God the Most Merciful and the Most Merciful

    1. Verily, We have opened up your chest for you

    2. And We have lifted from you your burden

    3. That burdens your back

    4. And We exalted (your) name

    5. So indeed after difficulty there is ease

    6. Indeed, after hardship there is ease

    7. So when you have finished (from one business), do another business

    8. And only to your Lord should you miss (everything).

The meaning of Surat Al Insyira

The meaning of Surat Al Insyira contain important lessons for Muslims in facing trials and difficulties in life. Some of the meanings that can be quoted from this letter include:

  • Relief after hardship

    Surat Al Insyirah teaches that after difficulties there will surely be ease. Allah SWT will give relief to His servants after going through severe trials and tribulations. This teaches Muslims to be patient and keep trusting in God in facing all the trials of life.

  • Affirmation of God's power

    By alluding to the glory and majesty of Allah in this letter, it is shown that everything is in His hands. Humans only need to depend on Him to face all difficulties and find relief. This teaches Muslims to always remember the power of Allah in every step of life.

  • Order to work hard

    Surah Al Insyirah also gives orders to Muslims to work hard and make the best effort in living their lives. After going through difficulties and gaining convenience, humans are required to keep trying and work hard to achieve the desired success.

Interpretation of Surat Al Insyira

Interpretation of Surat Al Insyira has been done by scholars and commentators of the Qur'an since ancient times until now. Some interpretations that can be taken from this letter include:

  1. Interpretation of difficulty and ease

    Scholars interpret that the verses in Surat Al Insyira illustrate that every difficulty will surely be followed by ease. This is God's promise to His servants who are patient and still surrender to Him in the face of life's trials.

  2. The interpretation of the commandments works hard

    Surat Al Insyirah can also be interpreted as a command to Muslims not to give up and continue to strive in living life. Allah SWT provides facilities for His servants who strive and work hard to achieve their ideals and goals in life.

  3. Interpretation of reliance on God

    One of the lessons that can be taken from Surah Al Insyirah is the importance of relying on Allah in every step of life. Humans must believe that everything that happens is God's will and only to Him can we ask for help and support.

Thus, Surat Al Insyirah is a letter full of lessons and wisdom for Muslims in facing the trials and difficulties of life. By understanding and reflecting on the meaning and message contained in this letter, it is hoped that Muslims can be patient, trusting, and always remember the greatness and power of Allah SWT in every step of life.