June 22, 2024

Indonesia is a country that has ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic diversity. To be able to maintain unity and integrity in diversity, the Indonesian nation has an ideology which is the basis of the state, namely Pancasila. Pancasila is the philosophy of life of the Indonesian people which is a guide in the life of the nation and state. In this article, we will discuss why the Indonesian people are proud to have an ideology in the form of Pancasila.

1. Pancasila Represents the Priority Values ​​of the Indonesian Nation

Pancasila has five precepts, each of which represents the primary values ​​of the Indonesian nation. First is The Almighty God, which teaches all Indonesians to believe and fear God Almighty in accordance with their respective religions and beliefs. The second is Fair and Civilized Humanitywhich teaches all Indonesian people to respect human rights and uphold human values ​​in relationships.

Third is the unity of Indonesia, which teaches all Indonesian people to maintain the unity and unity of the nation above differences in ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup. Fourth is Democracy Led by Wisdom in Representative Deliberationswhich teaches all Indonesian people to uphold democracy as a form of fair and just government.

The last one is Social justice for all the people of Indonesia, which teaches all Indonesian people to realize equality and justice for all levels of society. These priority values ​​are what make Pancasila an ideology that suits the character of the Indonesian nation.

2. Pancasila as the Unifier of the Indonesian Nation

Pancasila is not only a philosophy of life, but also a unifier of the Indonesian nation. By having the same ideology, Indonesian people from various tribes, religions and cultures can feel as part of one big nation. Pancasila provides identity and identity for every Indonesian citizen, thereby reducing the potential for conflict between community groups.

Through Pancasila, the Indonesian people are taught to respect each other's differences, maintain diversity, and work together in building the nation and state. Thus, Pancasila is not only an ideology, but also a spirit of unity and unity of the Indonesian nation.

3. Pancasila as the Foundation of State and Law

One of the reasons why the Indonesian people are proud to have an ideology in the form of Pancasila is because Pancasila is the foundation of the state and law contained in the 1945 Constitution. Pancasila is a guideline for the formation of laws, government policies and the implementation of justice in Indonesia.

By upholding Pancasila, the Indonesian state can maintain sovereignty, justice and prosperity for all Indonesian people. Every policy taken by the government must be in line with the values ​​of Pancasila, so that a fair and just life order can be created for all citizens.

4. Pancasila as a tool for diplomacy and international relations

Pancasila is also the pride of the Indonesian people because it is a tool of diplomacy and international relations. Indonesia is a country that is active in establishing relations with other countries, and Pancasila is the basis for realizing peace, cooperation and brotherhood between nations.

Through Pancasila, Indonesia can position itself as a country that respects differences, fights for world peace, and maintains the dignity of the nation in the eyes of the international community. Pancasila is a symbol of the Indonesian nation's success in managing diversity to become a strength in international relations.

5. Pancasila as a driver of national development

Lastly, Pancasila is the pride of the Indonesian people because it is able to spur national development. Pancasila values ​​such as mutual cooperation, deliberation and social justice are the foundation for developing the economy, social and culture in Indonesia.

By upholding Pancasila, it is hoped that the Indonesian people can unite in facing challenges and building a better future. Pancasila is also a motivation for every individual to play an active role in the development of the nation and state, as well as improving the quality of life of society as a whole.


From the various reasons above, it can be concluded that the Indonesian people have strong reasons to be proud of having an ideology in the form of Pancasila. Pancasila is not just words, but is a guide to life, unifying the nation, the foundation of the state, a tool of diplomacy, and a driver of development for all Indonesian people. Therefore, let us as Indonesian citizens continue to uphold the values ​​of Pancasila in our daily lives for the sake of the sustainability of the nation and state of Indonesia that we love.