July 14, 2024
The Secret! How to Quote From a Journal Without Difficulty

Citing references is a must when you are writing a scientific work, such as a thesis, dissertation, or dissertation. One of the reference sources that is often used is a scientific journal. However, citing from a journal has its own rules that must be followed so that your work can be considered legitimate and valid. Here's how to cite from a journal correctly:

1. Determine the Collection System To Be Used

Before citing from a journal, it is important to determine which citation system you will use. There are several commonly used citation systems, such as APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association)and Chicago. Choose a quote system that suits the field of knowledge and applicable rules.

2. Find the Required Information

Before quoting from a journal, make sure you have looked for the necessary information, such as Writer's name, article title, journal title, publication Year, volume, numberand page. All of this information is necessary to create a complete and accurate quote.

3. Use the Correct Citation Format

Each citation system has a different format. For example, in the system WHATthe citation format for one author is (Author Name, Year), while for two authors it is (Author Name & Author Name, Year). Make sure you use a citation format that complies with the applicable rules.

4. Include a Bibliography

After citing from a journal, don't forget to include a bibliography at the end of your work. A bibliography contains all the reference sources you use in your work, including the journals you cite. Make sure the bibliography is arranged neatly and in accordance with applicable rules.

5. Use Reference Tools

To make it easier for you to quote from journals, you can use various available reference tools, such as Such, Mendeleyor EndNote. By using reference tools, you can easily compile a bibliography and insert citations into your work.

6. Pay attention to writing ethics

In addition to following the rules for citing from journals, it is also important to pay attention to writing ethics. Do not quote without citing the source, and do not plagiarize. Make sure every quote you use is accompanied by a clear and accurate source.

7. Do Editing

Once you have finished citing from the journal, edit it to make sure that the citations you have used are correct and precise. Double-check every piece of information you have included, from the author's name to the page number, to avoid mistakes that could harm the credibility of your work.

8. Consult with a Lecturer or Expert

If you are still hesitant about citing from journals, do not hesitate to consult with a lecturer or expert in the field of science that you are studying. They can provide useful guidance and tips in citing from journals correctly and in accordance with applicable rules.

9. Review the Citation Rules

Finally, before submitting your work, be sure to review the applicable citation rules. Check that you have followed the correct citation format, included the required information, and cited your references correctly. This review is essential to ensuring that your work is academically acceptable.

By following the steps above, you can quote from journals correctly and accurately. Remember to always pay attention to the rules that apply in the citation system you use, and do not hesitate to ask for help if needed. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are writing scientific papers.