July 14, 2024
These are the lyrics of D Masiv's song Merindingmu that will make you emotional! Check it out!

D Masiv is one of the popular bands from Indonesia whose quality in music is unquestionable. One of their famous songs that is very much liked by many people is “Merindukanmu”. This song is not only pleasant to listen to, but also has deep and meaningful lyrics. Let's take a deeper look at the lyrics of the song D Masiv – Merindukanmu.

1. Lyrics of the song “Missing You”

The song “Merindukanmu” was created by Rian Ekky Pradipta, a member of D Masiv. Here are the complete lyrics of this song:

  1. The stars tonight are so beautiful
  2. And more beautiful with you
  3. The stars are very happy tonight
  4. Accompany you and have a wonderful time
  1. Reff:
  2. I miss you
  3. Every moment at every time
  4. Want to come back to you
  5. Even if only temporarily

The lyrics above may seem simple, but they are able to describe the feelings of someone who misses the presence of their loved ones. Through these lyrics, D Masiv manages to convey deep emotions and make his listeners feel the same warmth and longing.

2. The meaning behind the lyrics

“Miss you” not only conveying the feelings of longing for one's lover, but also describing how important the presence of a loved one is in one's life. The lyrics are full of expressions of longing and the desire to be together again, showing that true love always needs the presence of the beloved.

Through this song, D Masiv also wants to invite listeners to appreciate every moment with their loved ones and not delay in expressing their longing. The meaning contained in the lyrics of this song can inspire many people to appreciate and love the closest people in their lives more.

3. Inspiration from “Missing You”

The song “Merindukanmu” can also be a source of inspiration for many people, both those who are experiencing long-distance relationships and those who want to express their love for their loved ones. Through lyrics filled with longing and a desire to be together, this song teaches us not to be afraid to express our feelings and miss the presence of the people we love.

“Miss you” also teaches us to be grateful for every moment with our loved ones, because nothing can replace their warmth and presence in our lives. This song revives the values ​​of togetherness, sacrifice, and sincerity in loving someone.


D Masiv with the song “Merindukanmu” has succeeded in creating a work that is not only pleasant to listen to, but also full of meaning and inspiration. Through deep lyrics, this song is able to touch the hearts of its listeners and make them feel the same warmth and longing.

Whatever the meaning contained in this song for each listener, what is certain is that the song “Merindukanmu” will remain one of the special songs and always awaited to be heard. Hopefully this article can provide new insights into the lyrics of the song D Masiv – Merindukanmu and inspire us all to appreciate and love the closest people in our lives more. Thank you.