July 14, 2024
This is an effective way to get rid of milia for years!

If you have milia for years and want to find a way to get rid of them, there are several steps you can take. Milia is a skin condition that usually appears in the form of small white or yellowish bumps around the facial area, especially around the eyes. Although not dangerous, milia can cause feelings of insecurity in some people. Here are some ways to treat milia that has been around for years:

1. Routine facial care

Routine facial care This is an important step in getting rid of years of milia. Make sure you clean your face regularly, use a moisturizer that suits your skin type, and keep your skin moisturized. Apart from that, avoid using skincare products that contain heavy or oily ingredients which can clog pores and make milia worse.

2. Use skincare products that contain AHA or BHA

Skincare products that contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) can help get rid of milia by removing dead skin cells and opening clogged pores. Choose products that contain these ingredients in concentrations that suit your skin's needs.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight is also an important step in managing the condition of milia. Excessive sun exposure can cause inflammation of the skin and worsen the condition of milia. Always use sunscreen with sufficient SPF when doing outdoor activities.

4. Consult a dermatologist

If your milia have been around for years and are difficult to remove using the methods above, it's best consult your skin condition with a professional dermatologist. A dermatologist can provide more appropriate treatment according to your skin condition, such as chemical exfoliation treatments or the use of topical medications containing retinoids.

5. Using the Millia Expenditure Method

If you've had milia for years and won't go away, you can also try milia dispensing method performed by a dermatologist or esthetician. This method involves removing the contents of milia using sterile tools and safe procedures. Avoid trying to remove milia yourself at home because it can cause infection or injury to the skin.

6. Implement Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy foods, exercising diligently, and maintaining skin cleanliness can also help reduce the appearance of milia. Make sure you have a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and manage stress well so that your skin remains healthy and free from milia problems.

7. Maintain Skin Cleanliness

Keeping the skin clean It is very important in preventing the appearance of milia and eliminating milia that have been around for years. Make sure you clean your face regularly, avoid using skincare products that contain heavy ingredients, and don't touch your face with dirty hands to avoid clogged pores.

8. Choose the Right Makeup Products

Lastly, make sure you choose makeup products which suits your skin condition, does not cause irritation or allergies, and does not clog pores. Avoid using heavy or oily makeup products which can worsen milia. Always clean your face thoroughly before and after using makeup.

By following the steps above and being consistent in your skin care, you can effectively remove years of milia. Remember to always consult a dermatologist if you experience serious skin problems or milia conditions that do not improve.