June 22, 2024

Indonesia became independent on August 17 1945 after successfully fighting for its independence from Dutch colonialism. However, the struggle to maintain independence did not end then. There are many things that must be done to keep Indonesia's independence intact and sovereign. The following are several ways that can be done to defend Indonesia's independence:

1. Maintain Association and Union

Associations and unions is the main key in maintaining Indonesia's independence. By maintaining unity, Indonesia will become a strong country and not easily divided by parties who want to disturb the country's sovereignty. Therefore, it is important for all Indonesian people to foster a sense of unity and oneness in various aspects of life, be it political, social, cultural or economic.

2. Respect Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is a motto that emphasizes the diversity that exists in Indonesia. In maintaining independence, it is important to respect the differences that exist in society, be they ethnic, religious, racial and cultural differences. By respecting diversity, Indonesia will become a stronger and more peaceful country.

3. Improve Education and Skills

Education is the key to creating a generation that understands the importance of independence. By improving public education and skills, Indonesia will have superior human resources and be able to compete at the global level. Investment in education is also an investment in the nation's future.

4. Strengthening National Defense

National Defense is a very important aspect in maintaining Indonesia's independence. Indonesia must have adequate military strength to protect the country's sovereignty from threats both from within and outside the country. Apart from that, cooperation with other countries in the defense sector is also important to improve Indonesia's security.

5. Promote Economic Independence

Economic independence is something that must be emphasized in order to maintain Indonesia's independence. Indonesia must be able to be independent in various economic sectors so as not to be too dependent on other countries. By increasing domestic production and supporting local entrepreneurs, Indonesia will become a stronger country economically.

6. Strengthening Foreign Diplomacy

Foreign diplomacy plays an important role in maintaining Indonesia's independence at the international level. Indonesia must be able to establish good relations with other countries and play an active role in international forums. By strengthening foreign diplomacy, Indonesia can gain support from other countries in maintaining its sovereignty.

7. Have high legal awareness

Legal awareness is very important in maintaining Indonesia's independence. Every individual, institution and government must comply with applicable laws to maintain state stability and order. By having high legal awareness, Indonesia will become a more just and prosperous country.

8. Improving the Quality of Democracy

Democracy is the system of government that is the foundation of the Indonesian state. To maintain independence, it is important to continue to improve the quality of democracy in Indonesia. Active participation of society in the democratic process, protection of human rights, and freedom of opinion are things that must continue to be emphasized in building a democratic country.

9. Manage Natural Resources Wisely

Natural resources is Indonesia's natural wealth that must be managed wisely. Sustainable use of natural resources will preserve the environment and community welfare. Indonesia must be able to manage its natural resources in a sustainable way for the benefit of future generations.

10. Maintain the territorial integrity of the country

The territorial integrity of the country is something that must be guarded seriously in maintaining Indonesia's independence. Indonesia must be able to protect its territory from all forms of threats both from outside and within the country. Law enforcement and justice must be carried out fairly to maintain the territorial integrity of the Indonesian state.

By implementing the steps above, Indonesia will be able to maintain its independence from various existing threats and challenges. Independence is not something that can be obtained easily, but must be maintained and maintained by all Indonesian people.