June 22, 2024

Indonesia has a rich history of Hindu kingdoms that once triumphed in the archipelago. One of the largest Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia is the Majapahit Kingdom. This kingdom is known as one of the largest kingdoms in Indonesian history that was founded in the East Java region. Let's see more about the Majapahit Kingdom in this article.

1. A Brief History of the Majapahit Kingdom

Majapahit Kingdom was a Hindu kingdom that existed in the 13th to 16th centuries AD. This kingdom was founded by Raden Wijaya who later proclaimed himself King Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. Majapahit reached its heyday under the reign of Hayam Wuruk who is known as one of the greatest kings in Indonesian history. This kingdom has a very wide territory, covering Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and parts of Malaysia.

2. Government System

Majapahit Kingdom has a highly organized government system. Hayam Wuruk was known as a wise king who was able to maintain the stability of the kingdom. Below him are the nobles who help organize the government and territories. Majapahit is also known for its parikrama system which is a very complex and effective administrative system.

3. Belief and Culture

Inside Majapahit Kingdom, Hinduism became the main religion followed by the king and his people. Many shrines and temples were built as places of worship and are included in the Majapahit cultural heritage. Apart from that, art and literature also developed rapidly in the Majapahit era. There are famous literary works such as Nagarakretagama which is a literary epic about the glory of Majapahit.

4. Archaeological Remains

The Majapahit Kingdom left behind many archaeological remains that are proof of its existence. Several historical sites such as Penataran Temple, Jago Temple, and Jawi Temple are examples of the glory of Majapahit architecture. Apart from that, there are also inscriptions found in several areas in East Java which are a source of knowledge about this kingdom.

5. Collapse of Majapahit

In the 16th century AD, Majapahit Kingdom began to experience setbacks due to attacks from outside and the struggle for power within the country. In the end, Majapahit collapsed and was dissolved. Despite this, the legacy and glory of Majapahit still shines today as one of the largest Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia.

6. Conclusion

With all the success and cleverness of his government, no wonder Majapahit Kingdom became one of the largest Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia. The glory of Majapahit proves that Indonesia had a rich history and advanced civilization in the past. The cultural heritage and archaeological remains of Majapahit are clear evidence that Indonesia was once the center of political and cultural activities in Southeast Asia.

That is a short article about The Largest Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia, Majapahit. Hopefully this article can be useful and increase our insight into Indonesia's glorious history.