July 14, 2024
This is the Secret of Al Lahab Letter and its Meaning that Will Make You Shiver!

Surah Al Lahab is the 111th surah in the Qur'an consisting of 5 verses. This surah was revealed in Mecca and is classified as a Makkiyah surah which means it was revealed in the city of Mecca. Surah Al Lahab is a very short surah but has a very deep meaning. This surah has a direct relationship with the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and contains a threat from Allah SWT against Abu Lahab and his wife, Umm Jamil.

Tafsir Surat Al Lahab

  1. Verse 1: “Has perished the hands of Abu Lahab and truly perished it.”
  2. In this first verse, Allah SWT announces that Abu Lahab and his wife, Umm Jamil, will receive a painful punishment in the afterlife. Abu Lahab was the uncle of Prophet Muhammad SAW who hated him very much and hindered the preaching of Islam. Although Abu Lahab was the Prophet's uncle, God did not show the truth of the blood relationship as a reason to save Abu Lahab from torture.

  3. Verse 2: “His wealth and what he has acquired are of no use to him.”
  4. In this second verse, Allah confirms that the wealth and possessions owned by Abu Lahab will not be able to save him from Allah's punishment in the hereafter. No matter how much wealth Abu Lahab has, it will not be able to humiliate the punishment he will receive.

  5. Verse 3: “Later he will enter into a raging fire (Hell fueled by wood) and his wife (Ummu Jamil) will be the one carrying the firewood.”
  6. In the third verse, God affirms that Abu Lahab and his wife will enter a hot and burning hell. Umm Jamil who is depicted carrying firewood, symbolizes her role in inciting Abu Lahab to antagonize the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

  7. Verse 4: “Around his neck, there was a rope made of woven coconut fiber.”
  8. In this fourth verse, Allah describes that Abu Lahab will be tied with a rope made of woven coconut fiber around his neck in hell. This shows that Abu Lahab's torment will be very painful and there will be no chance of escaping the punishment that has been determined.

  9. Verse 5: “And Umm Jamil, the carrier of firewood, had a rope of woven coconut fiber tied around her neck, because Abu Lahab had set himself on fire (in his anger towards the Prophet).
  10. In this last verse, God again affirmed that Umm Jamil and Abu Lahab will receive the appropriate punishment for their actions of enmity with the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Umm Jamil is described as carrying firewood to light the fire and Abu Lahab is said to have set himself on fire in his anger at the Prophet.

The Meaning of the Letter Al Lahab

Surat Al Lahab contains threats and curses of Allah SWT against Abu Lahab and Umm Jamil. In this letter, God affirms that wealth and position will not be able to save a person from the torment of the afterlife if he disobeys God. The story of Abu Lahab and Umm Jamil is a lesson for Muslims not to follow their footsteps in hostile to the preaching of Islam. Generosity, honesty, and piety are what will save someone in the afterlife.


Surah Al Lahab is a reminder for Muslims to always behave well and avoid being disobedient to Allah SWT. Allah emphasizes that nothing can protect someone from His punishment except obedience and piety. Hopefully we can learn a lesson and make this letter a motivation to always do good and stay away from sinful acts. Amen.