June 22, 2024

The funeral prayer is one of the important acts of worship in Islam. When a Muslim dies, Muslims are obliged to perform the funeral prayer to accompany the body to final rest. In the funeral prayer, there is a series of takbirs that must be performed, one of which is the 3rd takbir. In this article, we will discuss in full the 3rd takbir of the funeral prayer, including its meaning, procedures and priorities.

1. Understanding the 3rd Takbir of the Funeral Prayer

3rd takbir is one of the stages in the funeral prayer which is performed after the initial two takbirs. After the third takbir, we continue with prayers for the corpse. This third Takbir has a deep meaning, where Muslims remind themselves of the greatness of Allah SWT and the obligation of Muslims to pray for the good of the corpse.

2. Procedures for Performing the 3rd Takbir of the Funeral Prayer

To carry out the third takbir in the funeral prayer, the following are the procedures that must be followed:

  • Stand: As with prayer in general, the 3rd takbir is done standing. Make sure your body position is upright and khushu'.
  • Reading Takbir: After the first two takbirs, perform the third takbir by raising your hands to level with your ears and reciting “Allahu Akbar”.
  • Prayer for the deceased: After the 3rd takbir, continue by reading the prayer for the deceased. This prayer contains a request for forgiveness and mercy for the corpse.

By following the procedures above, the third takbir of the funeral prayer can be carried out properly and correctly.

3. The priority of performing the 3rd Shb Takbir. Corpse

One of the priorities of performing the 3rd takbir in the funeral prayer is as a form of prayer and the last respect for the body of the deceased. By doing the 3rd takbir, Muslims are expected to give a good prayer for the corpse to be accepted by Allah SWT. In addition, through this 3rd takbir, Muslims are also reminded of the greatness and majesty of Allah SWT.

Another priority from the 3rd takbir to the funeral prayer is as a form of final respect for the corpse. With the 3rd prayer and takbir, Muslims show respect and appreciation to the remains of the deceased. This is a sign of the concern and love of Muslims for fellow Muslims who have left the world.

4. Conclusion

Overall, the 3rd takbir in the funeral prayer has a very important meaning and priority in Islam. Through this 3rd takbir, Muslims can offer prayers and last respects for the remains of the deceased. By following the procedures and performing the 3rd takbir with humility, Muslims are expected to obtain rewards and blessings from Allah SWT. Hopefully this article will be useful and a motivation for Muslims to always perform worship well and correctly.