July 14, 2024
This is the secret of the plural intention of Qashar Maghrib Isha that you should know!

What is the Plural Intention of Qashar Maghrib Isha?

Niat Jamak Qashar Maghrib Isha is the intention carried out by a Muslim when carrying out the plural qashar prayer at maghrib and isha. The plural qashar prayer itself is a way to save time by combining and shortening the obligatory prayers while traveling or in certain conditions that make it possible to pray in this way.

Qashar Maghrib Isha Plural Intention Procedure

To carry out the plural intention of qashar maghrib isya, the following are the procedures that must be followed:

  1. Immediately after the maghrib call to prayer, intend in your heart to perform the plural qashar maghrib and isha prayers.
  2. Make sure you know the direction of Qiblah so that the prayer performed is valid in accordance with Islamic law.
  3. After performing two rak'at maghrib prayers with one salam, immediately continue with two rak'at isha prayers without a salam in between.
  4. Remember to remain solemn and follow the recitations in prayer well.

Preference of Plural Intention Qashar Maghrib Isha

Niat Jamak Qashar Maghrib Isha has several virtues that can be a motivation for Muslims to carry it out, including:

  1. Increases time efficiency, especially for those who are traveling or in certain situations that limit the time for praying separately.
  2. Get extra rewards for praying consistently and on time.
  3. Receive blessings from Allah SWT for carrying out worship according to His guidance.


By implementing plural intention qashar maghrib isya with full sincerity and submission to Allah SWT, Muslims can feel the various benefits and advantages of the worship. As it should be, all Muslims in the world should always increase the practices that are pleasing to Allah SWT. Hopefully this article can be useful for readers. Thank you.