July 14, 2024
Why Does Conflict Happen? 4 Causes of Conflict in Diverse Societies

Conflict in a diverse society is something that cannot be avoided. Conflict can occur due to various reasons, both internal and external factors. In this article, we will explain the 4 main causes of conflict in a diverse society.

1. Differences between Religion and Belief

One of the main causes of conflict in a diverse society is differences in religion and belief. Differences in belief can be the main trigger for conflict between community groups. Conflicts that arise are usually related to differences in teachings, rituals, and customs between certain religions or beliefs.

A real example of conflict caused by differences in religion and belief is conflict between religious communities in areas with religious diversity. For example, conflict between Muslims and Christians in certain areas often results in damage and tension between communities.

2. Cultural Differences

In addition to religious differences, cultural differences can also be a cause of conflict in diverse societies. Each community group has different cultures and traditions, and often these differences become a source of tension and conflict between communities.

An example of a conflict caused by cultural differences is a conflict between tribes or ethnicities that have different traditions and customs. For example, the conflict between the Javanese and Batak tribes in Indonesia, which is often triggered by differences in perspective and cultural values ​​held by each tribe.

3. Socio-Economic Differences

Socioeconomic differences can also be a factor in causing conflict in diverse societies. Economic inequality is often a trigger for tension and conflict between community groups. Inequity in the distribution of wealth and access to resources can also cause conflict.

Real examples of conflicts caused by socio-economic differences are conflicts between capital owners and workers, conflicts between farmers and large companies, and conflicts between social classes with different economic levels.

4. Political Differences

Differences in politics can also cause conflict in diverse societies. Competition for power and differences in political views often trigger conflict between community groups. Political conflict can occur at the national or local level.

Examples of conflicts caused by political differences are conflicts between supporters of different political parties, mass demonstrations that end in chaos, and conflicts related to general elections or regional elections in a region.

From the four causes of conflict in diverse societies above, it can be concluded that conflict is something that can happen anywhere, whether at the individual, group, or community level. In dealing with conflict, it is important to understand the root of the problem and find the right solution to prevent a greater escalation of conflict.