June 22, 2024

You Are Like Clear Water is a popular spiritual song in Indonesia. This song is often sung in church services as an expression of thanksgiving to God. With a beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics, this song is able to touch the hearts of every listener. In this article, we will discuss chord You Are Like Clear Water which can be used to play the song on the guitar.

Chord You Are Like Clear Water

Here are the basic chords that can be used to play the song You Like Clear Air:

  1. Intro: C F G C
  2. Verse 1: C F C G C F G
  3. Chorus: C F C G C F G C
  4. Verse 2: C F C G C F G
  5. Bridge: Am Em F G C G
  6. Chorus: C F C G C F G C
  7. Other: C F G C

Chord analysis

The chords used in the song You Are Like Clear Water are quite simple, consisting of basic chords such as C, F, G, Am, and Em. With this basic pattern, even beginner guitar players can easily play this song. The combination of the basic chords used also provides a harmonious musical feel that is pleasant to listen to.

Chorus is the most striking part in this song, where the chord change from C to F and G gives a dramatic impression and increases the dynamics of the song. Meanwhile in section bridgethe use of Am, Em, F, and G chords provides interesting variations and completes the musical arrangement of this song.

As a guitar player, it is very important to understand and master the basic chords like those used in the song You Are Like Clear Water. This way, you can play this song smoothly and make your musical performance even more stunning.

song lyrics

In addition to chords, song lyrics also play an important role in conveying the message contained in the song. Here are the lyrics from the song You Are Like Clear Air:

You are like clear water

Cools the thirsty heart

You are the source of my life

In my heart You are the king


You are dead to me

Until you are no longer in this world

I dedicate my life to You

You are the meaning of my life

The lyrics of this song describe how great and miraculous God's love is for everyone. By chanting this song, we remind ourselves of the presence of God who is always faithful and blesses our lives.


As a guitarist, mastering the chords and lyrics of spiritual songs such as You Are Like Clear Air can be a valuable asset in church music ministry. Through spiritual songs, we can praise and worship God with joy.

By studying and practicing regularly, you can become more skilled at playing spiritual songs and present your musical talents for the glory of God. Hopefully this article is useful and provides inspiration for beginner guitar players to continue improving their musical skills.